Two Colour Rotary Type Automatic Soles Jointing & Ejecting Machine NSK-294B-2C

  • It completes two-color shoes making process directly which is instesd of the former complicated procedure of lasting, gluing and sole attaching.

  • It is suitable for P.V.C. foaming, T.P.R. powder P.U. & N.B.R.

  • Photoelectric digit control system with 3 patents edvides quantity of materials into sixteen steps to control ejection quantity respectively and precisely.

  • The power of oil pressure open-mould and clamp-mould is great. 

  • The unique design of screw makes it easy to change color.

  • The special oil pressure loop circuit and smooth movement of disk make locating precise and position will never move.

  • As oil passage and electric circuit are separated.It's easy to maintain.

  • Powerful pressure makes two colors melded. There is no color permeance and base color will keep well.

  • The machine is controlled by computer synchronous system which makes movement  precise and without error.

  • The machine is suitable for making sports shoes.

  • Last pulling and Californian type can be produced at the same time.

  • Single-color and two-color production can be done at the same time.

  • Material passage can be automatically clamping to save labor cost.  

Item Specification Unit
Number of stations 16 station
Size of mould available L380 x W180 x H383 mm
Screw diameter 72,60 mm
Max. injection volume 730,450 cm3/shot
Thermal zone of barrel 4x2  
Motor 20HP x 2, 7 1/2HP x 1, 5HP x 1 HP
Electric heating consumption (8+7+16) : 31 kw
Power consumption (fullload) for wiring 70 kw
Volume of oil tank 950 L
Machine dimension L:9800 x W:3870 x H:2170 mm
Machine weight 20 tons